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“Hello, can I photograph your dog?”

This morning, whilst walking Barney, I bumped into three mums (and five dogs) I recognise from the Southborough School. Obviously, the dogs had to be photographed for The Dog Snapper blog, but which one(s) to snap?
I only get a brief moment on these dog photography encounters. At the moment, these are just dogs that I’m coming across on my walks with nothing set up or planned in advance. A brief introduction with the owner along the lines of  “Hello, would you mind if I photograph your dog for my blog?” is, I’m pleased to say, usually met with “of course you can.” Not wishing to hold everyone up for too long, I get on with it as quick as I can.
Now, some owners are beginning to ask me whether they can buy prints etc of the dogs that are on the blog and also whether I will be doing dog photography sessions around Tunbridge Wells. The answer to these questions is yes and yes. I will be blogging about this very shortly.
So, back to this morning, I photographed two of the dogs that happened to belong to one of the walkers and below we have Archie, a two and a half year old working Cocker Spaniel, who (apart from looking huge compared to my Barney) I’m told is both greedy and loopy. Honey the Border Collie on the other hand is rather aloof and one of her favorite things is to bark at foxes.
As for the other dogs in this group, please don’t feel left out….I promise I will photograph you soon!

Tunbridge Wells dog photography

Dog photographer in Kent

Dog photographer in Tunbridge Wells

  1. October 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    aaaarchiiie and hooooney 😀

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