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Early Misty Morning Dog Walking

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Thought I’d put this up as the light can be so nice in the morning over Southborough Common at the Cricket Ground, especially backlit.

I can’t identify the dog or walker but, for me, sometimes pictures just need to be taken. Since starting this blog, most of the dogs I have photographed have been with the permission of the owner after a brief introduction and a quick chat about the dog. That way I have the go ahead and some information to write a couple of lines about the dog in question.

But, sometimes, I just take pictures I see of life going on around me and this is often a lot more satisfying. For example, while out dog walking, I see a dog in the distance bounding towards me with the owners following behind. I know this would often make a lovely picture especially if the dog is approaching along some picturesque tree-lined path or emerging over a hill or whatever.

Of course I don’t want to rub people up the wrong way by photographing them while they’re going about their daily business without letting them know what I’m doing. I must say though, that on the whole, I get a very positive response to what I’m doing and most people are more than happy to let me get on with it and I often get lovely comments when I see them again if they’ve spotted their dog in a post.

So, if anyone knows who this dog or walker is, please pass on this blog address to them so they can see for themselves.

Early Misty Morning Dog Walker


Daisy & Poppy

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Here’s Daisy and Poppy (all black), two working Cocker Spaniels. They actually belong to my wife’s relatives and live up near the Epsom Downs. This is certainly a fantastic dog walking area but here we see them at home having some chill time.

Daisy (front) & Poppy, Working Cocker Spaniels

Poppy, Working Cocker Spanielog photography Ken

Chocolate Lab

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Here’s Maisy, a chocolate labrador who looks great in the Autumn colours.

The one thing I find with Labs is that they are such sniffers, always rooting around on the floor, that you have to pick your moment when they’ve got their head up.

Either that or you get them to sit and pose – much easier.

Maisy, Labrador

Maisy, Labrador

Maisy, Labradorog photography Kent

Bootiful Boofle

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I photographed this young Labrador a few days ago down near the stream in the woods. This is Boofle and she’s only eight months old. As you can imagine she is absolutely full of beans.

Described as being “mad” she likes to chase her tail. Cuddly toys drive her bonkers and she has this right ear that curls up…. Ahhh.

Boofle, Labrador

Boofle, Labradorog photography Kent

Weimaraner’s Eyes

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I always thought that Weimaraner’s had blue eyes. But according to Bella’s owner, this isn’t always so. Hers were blue when she was born but changed to a more greeny-grey colour after a few months.

They are fantastic looking dogs – originally bred for hunting and are ideally suited to the water with their webbed feet.

Online Shop – Just to let you know that all the pictures that feature on this site (and others) have now been fully uploaded to the Online Shop. Click on the link to view them and orders placed will be sent straight to you in quick time. Ideal pressies for Christmas!

Bella, Weimaraner

Bella, Weimaranerog photography Kent

Dog Photography Sessions

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Stuck for an idea for a Christmas present?

I’m now offering dog photography sessions. These are different to the blogged pictures, as these are shot very quickly while I’m out and about.

Now you can have a one to one session at a location of your choice and you’ll receive a slideshow to choose from and the first print up to 10×8″ is included in the price.

Session price from £45 Рclick here for more details.

Barney, the Flying Dog

Don’t worry, I do photograph non-flying dogs as well!

Quick, Quick, Slow

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Today’s dogs were photographed at the place in the woods that I call ‘Dog Central’. It’s the wide pathed area in the woods just down the main path from Woodlands Nursery. There’s a bench there and it always seems to be a busy meeting place as you can go down four or five paths from here. You never have to wait long for somebody to come by.

Here we have Alfie a two year old Toy Poodle who is very sprightly and at the other end of the scale, there is Flynn, an eleven year old Nova Scotia Duck-tolling Retriever whom I’m told is a good eater and seems to enjoy a steadier pace of life.

Alfie, Toy Poodle

Alfie, Toy Poodle

Flynn, Nova Scotia Duck-tolling Retrieverog photography Kent

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