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Early Misty Morning Dog Walking

Thought I’d put this up as the light can be so nice in the morning over Southborough Common at the Cricket Ground, especially backlit.

I can’t identify the dog or walker but, for me, sometimes pictures just need to be taken. Since starting this blog, most of the dogs I have photographed have been with the permission of the owner after a brief introduction and a quick chat about the dog. That way I have the go ahead and some information to write a couple of lines about the dog in question.

But, sometimes, I just take pictures I see of life going on around me and this is often a lot more satisfying. For example, while out dog walking, I see a dog in the distance bounding towards me with the owners following behind. I know this would often make a lovely picture especially if the dog is approaching along some picturesque tree-lined path or emerging over a hill or whatever.

Of course I don’t want to rub people up the wrong way by photographing them while they’re going about their daily business without letting them know what I’m doing. I must say though, that on the whole, I get a very positive response to what I’m doing and most people are more than happy to let me get on with it and I often get lovely comments when I see them again if they’ve spotted their dog in a post.

So, if anyone knows who this dog or walker is, please pass on this blog address to them so they can see for themselves.

Early Misty Morning Dog Walker

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