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Tree-Climbing Lurcher

Today’s dog is owned by ‘A modern Renaissance Man’ or so it says on Dave Arthur’s blog page.

Dave has lead a rich and varied life through music, storytelling and writing. I first met Dave years back as I went to school with one of his sons and he’s always been a fascinating bloke to talk to. I’ll leave you to click through to his website as Dave tells it much better than I ever could.

So, back to the dog – this time it’s Dusty, Dave’s Lurcher. Obviously, lurchers are quick and ideally suited for racing and hunting. Dusty is also a great jumper and will clear fences and stiles so you’ve got to be careful.

She’s also a tree climber. Since taking these pics, I’ve talked to another lurcher-owner to see if this is a common trait but no, not wth this other one.

The pics at the end have got to be a couple of my favourites since I started this blog. Maybe it’s the setting with the trees in the background but for me, there’s just an air of mystery about them.

Dusty, Lurcher

Dusty, Lurcher

Dusty, Lurcher

Dusty, Lurcher

Dusty, Lurcher

Dusty, Lurcher

Dusty, Lurcher

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