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A Christmas Card from The Dog Snapper

Wow, what a fantastic response I’ve had to my dog photography blog!

I hoped the blog would get a few people talking and I’d have something for you to follow on a regular basis. I have to say I’ve been really encouraged by the comments I’ve had both through the site, on Facebook, Twitter and of course, when I see you in person out and about on the dog walks.

To date, I’ve posted 65 times and have had about 4500 visits to the site and I’m more than pleased. But I don’t want it to stop there. If you know of anyone who is a local dog owner or even if they aren’t, please pass this website address on to them. On a daily basis, I still see dogs that I haven’t seen before, so I know that there are loads of dog owners out there who haven’t seen the blog or heard anything about it.

And ‘liking’ the blog on Facebook too. Let’s see if we can get the likes to over 100 before Christmas. If you’ve hovered over that ‘like’ button without pressing, now is the time. Please can you share this Facebook link if you haven’t done so in the past. All of the ways to follow/like/subscribe to this blog can be found in the right hand column if you scroll down a little.

Hope you like the Christmas card. I took me about two hours to do but at least I have a template now, so expect the same again next year (maybe with new pictures though).

By the way, the draw for the dog to appear in the star was conducted under strict EU Competition Law conditions and was witnessed by an independent ajudicator. The winner was a dog called Barney. Well done Barney.

Merry Christmas.

The Dog Snapper Christmas Card

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