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The Dog Snapper on the Radio

Did you know that there’s a radio program dedicated to all things doggy? No, well until a couple of months ago, nor did I.

BBC London’s ‘Barking At The Moon’ show goes out every Thursday from 10-12pm on 94.9FM. The aim of the show is to celebrate all things dog.

I met the two presenters, Jo Good and Anna Webb at Discover Dogs at Earls Court last year, where they were presenting some of the awards. They very kindly asked me on the show and I’m due to go on next Thursday week (2nd Feb)* at about 10.30pm. I’ve been listening to the show ever since I found out about it and the range of guests and dog-related subjects has been rich and varied. Charities, rehoming services, doggy fashion, therapists, behavior experts, groomers, film and TV stars and nutrition (they are very big on the benefits of green tripe) have all featured.

So, I will go on and have a chat about the blog and photographing dogs. I’d love to get a couple of shots of Matilda and Molly (Jo and Anna’s dogs) for the blog post to follow. These are very special dogs indeed; the only two dogs that are allowed into Broadcasting House. Sorry Barney, no trip to London for you.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page; they are very close to 2000 likes so if you’re mad about dogs and I know there’s plenty of you out there, click on the like button.

* I had to add in an asterisk, as when I was writing this blog post this morning, Anna gave me a call as they had bumped me off the show (I was due to go on this Thursday). This was due to the fact that Charlotte Gainsbourg is in town for one night only and they had managed to book her for the show. Anglo-French actress and singer Charlotte is a real celebrity and comes from great stock being daughter of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. How can a lowly dog snapper from Southborough compete with that?

Cocker Spaniel with headphones

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