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Black Labrador Puppy

Having started this blog, not really knowing whether it would take off or not, I see it as having reached a happily-trundling-along stage. My dog walking has taken on an extra dimension with the anticipation of whom I might meet on the way. I used to stick the iPod on and go off into a world of Mike Harding, Bob Harris and Johnny Coppin and must admit that I do miss this ‘switching-off’ way of dog walking but I feel as though I do need to be more aware of what’s around me so listening to folky tunes is done while I stare at a computer screen now.

Come on, admit it, you like a nice puppy picture don’t you? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you like dogs, own a dog, like dog pictures or have had a business card thrust into your hand so you thought you’d better check it out. Yes, of course you do, everyone likes puppies (or maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age). So when I saw little Lexie, an 11 week old black Labrador pup been walked this morning I had to cross the road. She has only just started to go out with her owner after having all the relevant jabs etc and was dead gorgeous.

Lexie, Labrador Puppy

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