Friday at Crufts #2

Second day in and I don’t think I’ll ever get my bearings. I keep saying it, but it’s huge and the trade stands just go on and on. I’m trying to resist not spending all my money. No Barney, you have a bed already. But they look so comfy. No, stop it. I have bought him a flea comb though; he’ll be pleased about that. Or maybe not – it’s a bit like receiving socks for Christmas – practical but not very exciting. Might just have to get him a glow in the dark collar though.

It’s funny in that although this is a big dog show with lots of dog displays, breed showing in the various arenas, heelwork, flyball, demonstrations etc, I still find myself more drawn to just photographing the dogs around and about. Sort of hanging out, snatched pictures and informal portraits. To me, I find this more interesting.

Lots of people are going on to the blog at the moment as the word gets around. If anyone has any requests or would like me to stop by in the next two days, feel free to get in touch and I’ll see if I can find you. Having said that, I didn’t manage to meet up with my pug contact from Tunbridge Wells, but I promise I’ll get some pug shots to make up for it.

Next blog post will be from the main arena for the Group Judging and Presentation for the Gundogs.

Mugly, Chinese Crested

Mugly, Chinese Crested – I was told that Mugly is considered the most ugly dog in the world – I’m not so sure. He’s a real crowd pleaser and this Pets As Therapy dog lots of attention. Not surprised when you get carted around a pushchair.

Mugly, Chinese Crested

Dare, Working Cocker Spaniel

Dare, Working Cocker Spaniel. Had to get this lovely lady on the blog – Barney will appreciate it when he logs on this evening.

Byron, Golden Retriever

Byron, Golden Retriever. I went and took a close up of Byron afterwards and although I was staring at him through the lens, when he let a loud woof, I jumped out of my skin. What a wuss.

Whiskey, Scottish Terrier

Whiskey, Scottish Terrier.

Alfie, Working Sheepdog

Alfie, Working Sheepdog.  Alfie and the next two were competing in the Advanced Obedience.

Indy, Working Sheepdog

Indy, Working Sheepdog. Love all the good luck cards, charms, balloons etc. This seems to be the thing to do for the dogs in this competition.

Ricky, Border Collie

Ricky, Border Collie.

Yoda (right) & Vader, French Bulldogs

Yoda (right) & Vader, French Bulldogs. In amongst all these people and dogs, I come across one that I’ve photographed before (at Discover Dogs).

Vader (right) & Yoda, French Bulldogs

Vader (right) & Yoda, French Bulldogs

Dom, Toy Poodle

Dom, Toy Poodle

Dom, Toy Poodle (left) & Gizmo (Lhasa/Terrier X)

Dom, Toy Poodle (left) & Gizmo (Lhasa/Terrier X)

Tito, German Shepherd

Tito, German Shepherd. Lovely light-coloured Pets As Therapy dog

  1. Patsy Meecham
    March 9, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Come and see the Welsh terriers on Sunday

  2. Elaine Marsden
    March 11, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    You’re not such a wuss!! Byron loves to make everyone jump out of their skin – he’s very vocal and likes you to know that he’s there. Think it’s a man thing!!!!

    Thanks for the pic – fab!!!

    Elaine ( Byron’s owner)

    • March 12, 2012 at 9:28 am

      Thanks for your comment Elaine, glad you like the pic of Byron. Good to hear he’s done it before!

  3. Elaine Marsden
    March 25, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Craig

    would love to purchase a pic of Byron from you – but not sure if better in matt or glossy, or what size to go for? Would like something to be big enough to be framed as a wall picture – but not too big or expensive!
    Any suggestions please?

    Elaine Marsden

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