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Newfoundland Dog Photography

A month or so back, we met up with a friend and her newly acquired Newfoundland, Rainzie,  that the family had rescued. They have always had ‘Newfies’ and are big fans of this Giant Breed Dog.

Rainzie, is a great big, cuddly bear of a dog. Although they can be a bit stubborn, Newfies usually have a sweet temperament and are natural nursemaids (think Nana in Peter Pan).

But their real prowess is in the water. They are expert swimmers with a frame built for bouyancy and power. The oily, double coat is ideal in cold water. Their giant paws act as paddles, the large, thick tail a rudder and their lips and jowls allow for breathing and carrying something in their mouths at the same time. I have heard warnings from Newfie owners that if you do not wish to be forcibly removed from the water, then you had better not go swimming with one!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to witness Rainzie in the water (apart from bounding along the stream in the woods). He gave Barney the chase for the first twenty minutes or so but that huge frame can’t be easy to lug around for too long. The little rests got more and more frequent and the drool came…and kept coming. Oh yes, this is a drooly breed of dog. Having a breed like this requires the owner to have towels and flannels to hand and any set up portraits start with a bit of a face clean. It also makes for extra work after taking the pics with more retouching. Just how much do you get rid of? After all, it’s part of the make up of the dog. There’s hair too…they can certainly shed the hair, often losing their coats twice a year. Not a breed for the overly house proud.

It’s great going for a walk with the more unusual, less common breeds. Because of his shear size, Rainzie towered over most dogs and he just becomes a natural conversation starter with other dog walkers you meet.

And did I mention that they drool a bit?

Newfoundland Dog photography

Newfoundland Dog photography

Just look at him go!

Kent Dog photography

And rest!

Tunbridge Wells Dog photography

Kent Dog photographer

Newfoundland Dog photography

Tunbridge Wells Dog photographer

Newfoundland Dog photographer

  1. Amy
    May 29, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Amazing pictures Craig, you have done Rainzie proud!

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