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Miniature Schnauzer Family Reunion

Got a call from Sam this morning who has a dog walking business (Waggin’ and Walkin’) to come along on a special dog walk in Penshurst. Sam is also the owner of Nigella who you may remember got together with Fred and produced four lovely Miniature Schnauzer pups back in November 2011. Today they all got together for a big family reunion dog walk, starting near Penshurst Place and walking around the estate there .

I took my camera to get a couple of snaps of the occasion and also made the mistake of taking my frisky Barney who spent the whole time trying to hump the poor Schnauzers (especially Bruno, oh dear). Never again. I’ve made that mistake one other time and it was exactly the same. So he’s staying at home next time – he doesn’t normally come on a dog walk when I am intending to photograph a dog, but as these were friends and it was all fairly informal, I chanced it. Hmmm. Thanks to all those who took his lead and got dragged along while I was trying to get some pics.

So back to the Schnauzer family. Half of them are little balls of fluff and the other half are neatly-trimmed balls of fluff. It was lovely to see them all together and they all got on great.

Half way round there’s a lovely log pile and I tried to get them together for a picture. Herding cats time! I trod down the long grass so that I could actually see them and various treats were used to get them in line. Luckily, a helpful Weimeraner trotted up close to me and they all stopped and looked my way, so I rattled a few off. I later got Sam to identify them from left to right on the back of the camera. Not sure if I can name them all in the other pics with any certainty but I’m sure someone can put me right.

Waggin’ and Walkin’ (Sam’s dog walking service) can be reached on 07886 036669.

dog photographer Kent

start of the walk with Penshurst Place in the background

dog photographer Kent

dog photographer Kent

dog photographer Kent


dog photographer Tunbridge Wells

dog photographer Tunbridge Wells

Bruno on right, while the others are ‘settled’

dog photographer Tunbridge Wells

Freda, Fred and Nigella

dog photographer Tunbridge Wells

(l to r) Freda, Fred, Nigella, Sparky, Bruno and Margo

dog photographer Tunbridge Wells

dog photographer Tunbridge Wells


dog photographer Tunbridge Wells

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