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Chilly Morning on Hilly Fields

Just had to get out early this morning. In anticipation of me being gone a long time and with no breakfast inside, my lovely wife even made me a flask of coffee. Barney very quickly sensed that a Sunday morning lie in was not on the cards and he was champing at the bit. We headed over the Ridgeway, down the pathway to Pennington Road and across the road on to Hilly Fields. I love it over there. If you get there early, it’s very peaceful and the sun is so low at this time of year giving the crisp, frosty ground a lovely a glow. I’m always on the look out for nice light and found some great ‘bands’ of light where the trees were casting long shadows. I’m certainly building an immense portfolio of pictures of Barney carrying sticks and logs. It’s rather charming because that’s what he does and he obviously enjoys it. Other people often comment on how cute it all looks and say things like, “look at the size of the stick he’s carrying” and I usually reply with, “that’s nothing, you should have seen the one he was carrying last week.” I like to ‘big up’ my boy.

dog photographer Kent

dog photographer Kent

dog photographer Kent

dog photographer Kent

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