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Another Boxer Pup

January 4, 2012 1 comment

Well, what d’you know? On Christmas Eve, I’d set off with Barney and was walking down dog poo alley (you know, the alleyway between Prospect Road and Holden Road) and came across Jessie, a 17 week old Boxer. I had only recently photographed little Ollie, the ten week old Boxer and here we are again with another one, just as gorgeous. She was certainly eager to get playing but had just finished her walk and was on the lead.

Hope to see her again soon, hopefully off the lead around the Common.

Jessie, Boxer

Jessie, Boxer

Jessie, Boxer

Jessie, Boxer


Boxer Puppy’s First Trip Out

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

On the same walk last week when I saw and photographed Stan (the chocolate Lab in the previous post), I also came across Ollie, a ten week old Boxer puppy.

Ollie was actually on his first proper dog walk and loving every minute of it.

Storywise, this just worked perfectly as the aptly-named canine equivalent of Laurel & Hardy were having great fun chasing each other around.

Last week surely was a good week for puppies what with also photographing Nigella’s Miniature Schnauzer pups.

Ollie, Boxer

Ollie, Boxer

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