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Dogs On The Ridgeway

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Unfortunately, these poor dogs got put on the back burner, so to speak.

Through no fault of their own, they became the forgotten dogs. Well, only because we had a downfall of snow the day after I photographed them on the Ridgeway and suddenly a green backdrop just wouldn’t do.

First up we have Socks, a rescue Greyhound, looking splendid in her coat. and described by her owner as “a plank short of a kennel.”

Next up is Teddy, a 16 month old English cocker Spaniel, who likes “play, play and more play.” I’m also told Teddy would quite happily lick your face. Maybe I got away lightly having a similar breed of dog, but Barney isn’t really in to licking humans, which is quite comforting as he has a habit of licking brick walls (when other dogs have been there). Nice…

And finally, (and I’m really pleased about this) is Gertie, a five year old Daschund. Since starting the blog, this is the first Daschund I’ve come across and I’m told Gertie comes from thespian stock, as years ago, her grandmother appeared in a advertising campaign for Sekonda watches.

If you like your Sausage Dogs, you must have a look at thewienertakesitall a fantastic blog written by Emily featuring her Daschund, Mort. Go on it’s a real treat.

Socks, Greyhound
Socks, Greyhound

Teddy, English Cocker Spaniel
Teddy, English Cocker Spaniel

Gertie, Daschund
Gertie, Daschund

Gertie, Daschund
Gertie, Daschund

Gertie, Daschund


Squirrel-chaser Albert

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Squirrels….yes. Albert can see the point in chasing squirrels. The first sign of a squirrel and he’s off like the proverbial rat up a drainpipe.

But fetching a ball? No, that’s not Albert’s style. Why waste time running after an inanimate object? That’s for other dogs.

Albert’s owners described Albert as being “a bit of a gooseberry.” He likes nothing more than to come between you when you’re having a conversation by lying on his back demanding your attention. I expect he gets his own way, as he’s one cute little Daschund.

Kent Dog Photographer

Dog photographer in Tunbridge Wells


A Daschund’s pace of life

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday afternoon, The Dog Snapper found Trudy (I’m told a Daschund), on the South of France field being walked by the owner’s daughter. Now Trudy has a few years behind her and takes life at a very leisurely pace. She has lived in Southborough all her life and is very well known to many of the local dog walkers. In fact my wife recognised her as soon as she went up on screen. One of her favourite things is ripping up the post when it arrives (well of course it is, she’s a dog) and I’m told that pretending to eat her food, spurs her on to getting stuck in.

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