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Shankly and Bear

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Came across three new owners I’d not met before around Christmas on the way over to Bidborough. I had photographed one of the dogs though, Rafferty, a Border Terrier.

As you know, the weather has been very wet and the ground is boggy and squidgy. This was reflected in the way Shankly, a two year old Jack Russell, looked. He looked great in his own scruffy way, with his wet, curly, muddy coat.

Slightly more refined looking was Bear, a 22 month old Welsh Terrier. I think he’d just had a nice trim in time for Christmas. Unlike the others, it looked as though he had better things to do than hare about in the mud.

Shankly, Jack Russell
Shankly, Jack Russell

Shankly, Jack Russell
Rafferty, Shankly and Barney

Bear, Welsh Terrier
Bear, Welsh Terrieray K

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