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Tilly with the fancy coat

January 31, 2013 1 comment

This is Tilly, a greyhound/lurcher that I photographed just before the snow came. Love her stripey, coloured coat.

Hopefully, my new website should be up and running soon. The blog will still feature, so the dogs that I photograph out and about will be posted regularly. The idea is to upload all the pics I’ve shot so far in the past 18 months or so since the blog began and you’ll be able to view these by date and they’ll be tagged with the dog’s name. You’ll also be able to order prints and other framed products a lot more easily, straight from the new website without being transferred to another site.

So, bear with me. The site is nearly ready to go and I’m working my way through boring stuff like domain names and ‘pointing nameservers’. You have to be such a geek to get anywhere these days.

Tilly, greyhound/lurcher

Tilly, greyhound/lurcher

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