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Lucky the Chihuahua

October 17, 2012 3 comments

Yesterday, I photographed a doggy TV star! Yes, this is THE Lucky the Chihuahua, as seen on ITV2s Top Dog Model program. Lucky made it all the way to the final three but was sadly runner-up to the overall winner Simba the Leonberger.

Lucky the Chihuahua

I first met Lucky at Discover Dogs last year; on that occasion I got a quick snap and blogged it (Discover Dogs blog post) along with lots of others. Lucky’s owner Isa, saw the post and liked The Dog Snapper Facebook page and has been liking the pictures I put up there ever since. In fact, the cover picture on Lucky’s Facebook page is the one I took at Discover Dogs. (I can also see that Lucky’s got double the amount of FB likes compared to me, but then again, he is a TV star).

Anyway, Isa got in touch as she needs some pics for a piece that Dogs Today magazine are going to run. They suggested supplying some of her own iPhone pics for the article, but wanting to see her dog looking his best, she thought she’d get in touch to get a dog photo session done. Great idea and he was fantastic to photograph in the Autumn light. So here he is, in lots of lovely warm light, autumnal colours and the odd silhouette thrown in for good measure. I’ll put the rest up on my Facebook page soon.

Lucky the Chihuahua

Lucky the Chihuahua

Lucky the Chihuahua

Lucky the Chihuahua

Lucky the Chihuahua

Harriet and Poppy

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Last dog photography post from Dunorlan Park and just look at these fantastic little dogs. Firstly, there is Harriet, a 14 year old Griffon Bruxellois with such a great face (that some would say only a mother could love).

Couple this with her “wonky back legs”, she just had to feature on the blog.

Also with her, was Poppy and really lively 2 year old Chihuahua/Shih Tzu cross, described by the only as being¬† “a very masculine female.” She certainly gave Barney a run for his money.

Must get back to Dunorlan again soon as these last three posts have featured some great dogs.

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